Frasi is a male Verrik. He has a perpetually sunburned complexion and a neat white ponytail. His black eyes watch you sardonically.


Frasi “Spook” Verrik level 1 Magister level 2 Skin: Sunburn Hair: Neat White Ponytail Eyes: Black STR 11 +0 STR 11 +0 DEX 10 +0 CON 15 +2 INT 17 +3 WIS 16 +3 CHA 14 +2 Fort =0+2++ Ref =0+0++ Will =5+3++ Attack +1 Def =10+0+1++ Init = 0++ HP: 22 Move 30

Languages: Common, Verrik, Draconic, Giant, Litorian

Skills: Knowl (magic) =5+3+3+ Concentration =5+2++ Sense motive =5+3++ Spellcraft =5+3++ Craft (armorsmithing) =5+3++ Intimidate =5+2++

Feats Sensitive: 50% chance of sensing magic within 5 ft. One attempt per item/aura Psion: may apply psionic template to spells. Max access exotic psionic spells as complex spells of that level. May cast spells at one slot higher without components (same level if psionic-type) Focused Healing: Concentrate 1 minute (dc 10 + damage being healed) to heal up to 2 x level hp

SPECIAL ABILITIES 1/ day: contact, sense thoughts, lesser telekinesis, compelling command, detect magic, disorient 3/day: object loresight Sensory Control (standard action) Staff: Hd 12, hp 54, break dc 30.


Frasi is twenty-five, having been born the sixth son of a baker. Frustrated with his long hours, small pay, and minimal inheritance, he decided to seek his fortune with the legendary Lost Legion. After discovering the lengths to which the group had fallen, Frasi has taken it upon himself to run the books, and attempt to whip the company into shape.


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