A scrawny giant carying an ernormous book eyes you sadly.


Medium Giant Hu-Charad Greenbond 3 Hit Dice: 3d6+6 (17 hp) Initiative +1 Speed 30 ft AC 10+1+4=15 Base Attack/Grapple +2 Attack Unarmed strike -2 (1d3+1) Face/Reach 5/5 Special Attacks: Infuse with the Green (1d8+3) 5/day, Nature’s Gift +2 Special Qualities: Trackless Step Saves: Fort +3 Ref +2 Will +8 Abilities Str 12, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 18 (20), Cha 15 Skills: Consentration 6+2=8, Heal 6+5=11, Diplomancy 6+2+2=10 (+2 in religious situations), Gather Information 6+2 =8 (+2 in religious situations) Knowledge: Religion 3+3+5=11, Knowledge: Ceremony 6+3+5=14, Survival 6+5=11 Feats: Peaceful Mage, Priest, Modify Spell

Equiptment: Periapt of Wisdom +2, Book of Rites and Rituals (+5 to Knowledge Ceremony and +5 to Knowledge Religion.) Glass Holy symbol, Healer’s kit, bedroll, backpack, Journal (Ledger of the Honored Dead), 1138 gold

Spells: o- 1- Mudball, Obscuring Mist, Plant Armor, Wicked Barb (diminished) 2- Lesser Battle Healing, Carnivorous Plant Defense (diminished)


Lo-Darakos is the Chaplain for the Lost Legion. He entered mercenary life after a personal indiscression caused his wife to kill herself. While he does not condemn the violent life of a mercenary, he himself has sworn never to take a life. His Brother-in-Law has sworn to make him pay for his past crimes. GM’s can feel free to insert him whenever you feel it appropriate.


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